Concreting the Green Belt

Developers are coming for our Green Belt – the Green belt is meant to be sacrosanct, but it is being heavily encroached upon and now the developers have sensed blood.

Now the Neighbourhood Plan has been adopted, the village’s specific character areas are better protected, but while this is an assistance, more work is needed to protect the village from overdevelopment.


  • Respond to the district council’s non-statutory consultation (below)
  • Let’s make sure that we keep Croxley Green; would we want to live in Croxley Concrete-Grey?

The council is under central government pressure to approve thousands of new houses and to put this into its local development plan; a very powerful document.

I suggest that you sit down at this point; we have been ordered by Whitehall to ensure the building of 512 homes every year (not in Croxley Green but across the district).  Worse still:  it has just been mooted that this figure is to be increased by Whitehall to 620 new homes a year. Over the twenty year cycle of the housing allocation that comes to finding space for 12,400 homes:   a town twice the size of Croxley Green.  (This figure was apparently determined by a mathematical formula, but one which defies all logic.)

With that in mind,  there is intense pressure on council officers and the council as a whole to approve major building projects, for which there simply is not room without concerting the Green Belt, or building multi-storey rabbit-hutch towers.  (Apparently my suggestion that we should build them in Ireland was not admissible.)

Potential Sites Consultation, to 21 December 2018

The District Council’s “Potential Sites Consultation” runs to 21 December 2018 (the period ha recently been extended).  This is to look at sites where development might be invited to take place.  It does not mean that it will; it identifies potential sites.

The papers and consultation can be found at:

The biggest potential site shown around Croxley Green is just outside the parish technically but ours to all intents and purposes, on the north side of Little Green Lane and west of Rousebarn Lane.  Still, other sites cannot be ignored.

None of this is “yes, it will be done” nor even “we’d like this done”, and these potential housing sites are not proposed by the District Council:  these are sites which landowners have put forward as places where they might wish to build.

Have your say today, or they’ll take it away.

The suggested sites

The sites in and around Croxley Green are:

  • Cinnamond House (CFS61): At the bottom of Baldwins Lane, at Two Bridges; access directly off the roundabout. Green Belt.  Part of the site would be required for the Metropolitan Line Extension if that goes ahead.  Housing would tend to merge Croxley Green with Watford at this point.
  • Cockaygne (PCS51) : A vast tract of important Green Belt land, based on a house and estate on the north side of Loudwater Lane, a remarkably twisty lane, narrow and muddy. The proposition site extends all the way from the main bend in the lane eastward to the Green itself. That quiet corner of the village would be annihilated, if it were all used.
  • Croxley Station Car Park (CFS20):  A car park (and the access road) plus land formerly used as a timberyard.  The car park is irreplaceable and over-capacity during the working week.  The ideal would be to expand the car park and take pressure off local roads; if any spaces were lost, the burden on Watford Road, Frankland Road and nearby roads would put them beyond breaking point.
  • Little Green Playing Fields (PCS49):  Backing onto Little Green Lane.  The access would presumably be from Lincoln Way or Manor War (the latter developed recently).  The school would lose irreplaceable playing fields.  Green Belt land.
  • Rousebarn Lane (CFS21):  Valuable farmland, next to Whippendell Woods, with various conservation designations.  The site is in an inaccessible corner; access could be gained only through the knot of quite residential streets to the south and the narrow squeeze of Little Green Lane, or by demolishing the garages backing onto Lodge Lane and funnelling traffic up Rousebarn Lane (effectively a single carriageway lane) or by opening the road through the woods.  Green Belt.
  • Smaller sites:
    • Land at Sycamore Road (CFS19):  land serving as the gardens for the flats at the bottom of Sycamore Lane.
    • The former Croxley Green Station (PCS12)
    • Land east of Links Way  (PCS14):  this is actually the new school!  No houses can be built here.


  • Sarratt map:  includes sites close to Croxley Green