Planning comes in two basic aspects for the district council:

  • Considering and approving or rejecting individual planning applications;
  • Drawing up and maintaining a local development plan to guide determinations of individual applications.

Upcoming planning meeting

Planning Committee – 25 April 2019

This month there are two applications in Croxley Green; both for single-storey house extensions.

There was one application affecting Croxley Green in March 2019: an application for outline consent for the redevelopment of Scotsbridge House, which resulted in refusal until certain objections be dealt with (decision here).

The Croxley Green Neighbourhood Plan

The Croxley Green Neighbourhood Plan was officially adopted following the village referendum on Thursday 6 December 2018.  It now forms part of the policies by which the District Council must be guided when making decisions on planning applications.

The plan (really a set of policies) was drawn up by the Parish Council and finalised after much consultation and the requirements of an independent planning consultant.  Final approval required a local referendum, according to the Localism Act, and I was pleased to second the motion to take that step.

Now it is approved, the neighbourhood plan add our local priorities to the local plan and give teeth to efforts to keep Croxley Green, and give teeth to the Parish Council.

Housing Sites Consultation

See page on “Concreting the Green Belt

The local development is a very powerful document, and the council is under central government pressure.  I suggest that you sit down at this point; we have been order to ensure the building of 620 new homes a year (an increase even from the staggering  512 a year we were told last year.  Over the twenty year cycle of the housing allocation that comes to finding space for 12,400 homes (not in Croxley Green but across the district):  that is a town twice the size of Croxley Green.  This figure was apparently determined by a mathematical formula, but one which defies all logic.

With that in mind,  there is intense pressure on council officers and the council as a whole to approve major building projects, for which there simply is not room without concerting the Green Belt, or building multi-storey rabbit-hutch towers.

Potential Sites Consultation, to 21 December 2018

The District Council’s “Potential Sites Consultation” runs to Friday 21 December 2018.  This is to look at sites where development might be invited to take place.  It does not mean that it will; it identifies potential sites.

The papers and consultation can be found at:

The biggest potential site shown around Croxley Green is just outside the parish technically but ours to all intents and purposes, on the north side of Little Green Lane.  Still, other sites cannot be ignored.

Have your say today or they’ll take it away.

Croxley Danes School

I will try to log the progress of Croxley Danes School: this will be on the specific ‘Croxley Danes School’ page.

The planning application and documents can be found on this link.

The latest is that the school hopes to be open by Easter 2020, but accepts that it should all be open and running for the start of the school year in September 2020.