Croxley Green Parking Review

The Croxley Green Parking Review is ongoing.  The final date for responding to the consultation is Saturday 17 November 2018.

The process is being carried out by the District Council in response to requests from the general public and it relies on public support at each stage.  Parking problems are a frequent bugbear in several roads; sometimes it is commuter parking, sometimes school-run parking; and sometimes congestion amongst neighbours.  Each problem, where it is a significant problem, needs a particular solution.

Roads included

The roads within the consultation area are those which indicated a wish to be included, namely:

  • Beechcroft Avenue
  • Cherwell Close
  • The Crescent
  • Dickinson Avenue
  • Dickinson Square
  • Dorowfield Close
  • Dulwich Way
  • Frankland Road
  • Fuller Way
  • Gonville Road
  • Harvey Road
  • Hazelwood Road
  • New Road
  • Oakleigh Drive
  • Repton Way (part)
  • Watford Road (part)
  • Yorke Road

Possible restrictions

There are three possible forms – but aside from the visual variations, each has essentially the same legal effect

  1. Traditional CPZ – lines and signs mark every part of every road in the zone
  2. Unmarked permit parking zone/CPZ – There are no marked bays, but there are yellow lines. Permit holders can park anywhere except on yellow lines.
  3. Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) – the opposite of (B): There are no yellow lines but parking is prohibited everywhere in the zone, except where it is permitted as indicated by marked parking bays. (An example is at Rickmansworth High Street)

The main purpose of (1) and (3) is to reduce visual impact of road markings, typically used in Conservation Areas (like Dickinson Square.)

Option (1) is most clear to drivers. The original purpose of a CPZ over traditional restrictions is that, as every parking bay and single yellow line in the whole zone is operational at the same time, there is no need for individual signs (timeplates) on every line and bay, so it cuts down dramatically on street clutter. Drivers are aware of the operational hours from zone entry plates (the sort shown in the google links above).

The process

  • The process is being carried out by the District Council in response to requests from the general public and it relies on public support at each stage.  It began in 2016/17:   after pressure from me, and a splash in the press, Croxley Green was selected for the first area-wide review.
  • A first-stage consultation covered almost the whole of Croxley Green that was potentially affected by parking spreading out from the station (excluding private roads, as the council has no authority to direct parking restrictions there).  Roads where residents did not express a significant problem were omitted, leaving a core area to be consulted.
  • The District Council is now consulting those streets on the draft preliminary design. This will be modified by public feedback to produce a detailed design.
  • The preliminary design will be produced in early 2019.
  • Ultimately the decisions must be taken by the relevant committee of the Council.

Action to take

  • Give the Council consultation a full response (preferably polite, if forceful).
  • Attend the public meeting at 7:30 pm on Tuesday 13 November 2018, at Harvey Road School.
  • Let me know what you want.