You don’t need a long explanatory paragraph from me about parking problems:  all  of us have our disgruntlements. We have a station, and therefore the village is a honeypot for commuters.  In its modern form, Croxley Green was created for commuters, as part of the long ‘Metro-Land’ along the railway line.  That does not make it any less annoying to find you cannot park outside your own house though.

There have been stories of those from outside the village parking in front of driveways (or even in driveways – does that actually happen still?) That is another matter, and I will add some suggestions when I have checked that hey are legal….

Parking review and consultation

A couple of years ago I made a push for a parking review.  This was prompted by the problems suffered by those on Frankland Road and by the shops, ho need spaces for customers to stop.  That has begun.

A parking consultation survey went round to all the households in the affected area (which covered most of Croxley Green outside Byewaters).  The results are in: but what conclusions should be reached from the results?

I want swift action, but I’d rather get it right than get it fast.

The Consultation

The Consultation is underway.  The last response date was originally to be 17 November then extended to 30 November.  After the meeting on 13 November, all Croxley’s councillors pressed for the plans to be displayed in the library, which is now to be done.

Plans are also available on the Council’s website, though things on the website are not always easy to find if you do not know whereto look.  The link is:

and also:

This is the last opportunity to object to your road’s being included or to shape what sort of scheme, if any, to be imposed on your road.

The roads which are proposed for a new Controlled Parking Zone, in which residents’ parking permits will be needed, are:

  • Beechcroft Avenue
  • Cherwell Close
  • The Crescent
  • Dickinson Avenue
  • Dickinson Square
  • Dorowfield Close
  • Dulwich Way
  • Frankland Road
  • Fuller Way
  • Gonville Road
  • Harvey Road
  • Hazelwood Road
  • New Road
  • Oakleigh Drive
  • Repton Way (part)
  • Watford Road (part)
  • Yorke Road

Action to take

  • Give the Council consultation a full response (preferably polite, if forceful).
  • Let me know what you want.