Croxley Skate Park

The Skate Park at the top of Baldwins Lane is a well used facility in season, but there is no doubt that it was showing signs of wear.  Three Rivers District Council is therefore refurbishing the skate park, and making improvements as it does so.  The diggers move in on 24 October 2018.

I noticed that councillors and council officers are not the ones flipping their boards on the ramps, at least not when I have been there, so neither I not the council officers have been best placed to say what should be there!  That being so, it went out to consultation (which I linked here too when it was running), and the result got its planning permission on 18 October 2018.  Work started quickly to get in before the worst of the rains set in.

In February 2019 we should see the new Skate Park open.  And no, I won’t be on a board any time soon…