Croxley Danes School

The work on Croxley Danes School progresses.   I will add updates here as I have them.

The original issue was on the lamentable loss of Green Belt.  Then it was pointed out that the land is liable to flooding, and extra work would be needed to ensure than any new school would not be ankle-deep in water all winter.  Well, they got their planning permission, and the diggers moved on site.

The work is ongoing, as we can all see.  The old, green-belt horse field has been entirely scraped off the landscape, and the diggers have been busy on site for many months now.  Heavy lorries have been racing back and forth too.

The latest news:

  • Thanks to intervention by Alison Wall, Kier have stopped their improper use of Lodge Lane and an officer will attend to ensure that they follow the rules.
  • There is also to be use of a wheel-washing facility (more than just casually playing a hose on the tyres, I am told) to minimise the mud deposited on Baldwins Lane.
  • The school is open elsewhere, not the physical school ,but classes in their distinctive purple uniforms being taught ‘in exile’ on Tolpits Lane.
  • Delays in building have delayed the site hand-over to Autumn 2019.
  • Opening of the new school (at last) if there are no further delays(!) should be entry-ready by Easter 2020.
  • The school should finally be fully open and decanted into the new school for the start of the following school year, in September 2020.

In the meantime:

  • The work on the school is causing disruption locally.  The builders’ use of Lodge Lane for heavy lorries carrying spoil in breach of agreements struck before they began work should have been curbed; we will see.  This abuse has caused severe discomfort for residents on Rousebarn Lane and those on Links Way whose gardens and garages back onto the lane.  Those garages are were effectively being blocked by the lorry traffic.  Councillor Alison Wall will keep a watch to see that the promises of improved practice are honoured.

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