I was privileged to serve as a councillor for the Dickinsons Ward of Croxley Green for four years from 2015.  In that time I was plunged into the plethora of activities of Three Rivers District Council, always with an eye to getting things done better, with more responsiveness to the real, not perceived, needs of residents.  I came off the Council in 2019, but have not ceased to keep an eye on civic matters, and there is a great deal that needs keeping an eye on.
By profession, I am a commercial solicitor assisting an arrayed multiplicity of commercial and personal requirements, and I bring a familiarity with those needs into the council chamber and the working committees to let a sense of reality inform proceedings.  Like many other Croxley Green folk, I take the daily trudge to London, but always to come home to our village – a special place which I want to keep special.
That said, I also leave the village on walking and cycling expeditions!  I am keen to  encourage healthy, outdoor activity and so have begun building the WildthingUK website to co-operate in develop walking routes, and occasionally to blog on my own fundraising walks..