In the meantime…

There are still local issues going on as before, even if the council staff have thinned on the ground. This odd time must not be one where people get left out as if they were a lesser priority.  The parking consultation is still going on. Planning applications are still going in  – both the everyday residential extensions and massive plans for concerting the Green Belt.  There must be no let-up in scrutiny.

Pubs may be closed, but their licences can still be renewed, and new entrepreneurs looking at the long term may employ the down-time to get new applications in. Cab drivers are having a quiet time, but they still have to be approved. Many things do not stop. The system does not pause.

We may find that the council has been working well when thinned down, in which case it will be legitimate to ask, when everyone is back at their desks, whether we need so many at all, but that is not something I ca say at this point.

The main point is that things are odd but not stopped, and people with real issues cannot be forgotten.