COVID-19 adjustments

I am told that the world has not actually stopped rotating, but it seems that way sometimes. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help in the community over this period: I have seen how much the work is appreciated.

Remember our shopkeepers who cannot just work online from home (as I have been doing). They are a big part of the life of the community, and when this is all over I hope we will all support them. We have learned to stay local, so when the lights go on again, we can visit our local shops.

There are things the Council can do, as recommended by the government, such as not enforcing strict conditions on takeaways that now need the business more than ever, and not gold-plating the rules with ideas of their own. I will keep a watch on this (as far as I can isolated and online).

I have not been ill and thankfully the village has largely escaped the epidemic, but we are still being careful, while it is still live.

I will post updates on Council services as the detail comes in.