Neighbourhood Plan adopted!

Thank you everyone who turned out to vote for the adoption of the Croxley Green Neighbourhood Plan.  It gives more teeth to the village’s priorities, and after all the hard work that went into it, I am pleased to see that the village has approved it.

It was pointed out to me recently that calling it a “plan” is misleading to anyone who is not versed in the obscure arts of town and country planning law; it not a “plan” in the normal sense of something-we-intend-to-do, but is a set of policies which will now guide the District Council in deciding planning applications.  Had the policies been wrongheaded then it would have been right to send them back again to reconsider, but I believe that the parish council, aided by extensive consultation in the village, has got it right, and 94% of the voters have agreed.

Next time therefore a planning application is made in Croxley Green, this Neighbourhood Plan will be to hand to guide the decision-making.

Thank you everyone who worked to get the plan written, consulted upon, reviewed, revised and finalised, and to all those who voted.