Policy and Resources Committee

Policy and Resources Committee tonight.

One political controversy but otherwise it is practical.  There are ongoing issues such as the level of fines for littering, licence fees for dog boarding etc, which are uncontroversial. It also gives a valuable opportunity to question the officers about practical issues, which has been non-partisan.

This is a committee that allows work to be done:  the full council meetings are grandstanding and insincere virtue signalling, in spite of the best efforts of a few noble (and blue-rosette) souls.

The political issue was setting the electoral cycle:  an election every single year, as at present, or once every four years.  It is a longstanding Conservative policy to save money by holding an all-out election of the whole Council every four years, instead of electing a third of the council every year.  It would be a big saving.  It could also improve public engagement by making the election a meaningful election, not a thing every year we get bored with.

The Liberal Democrats squashed the move, unsurprisingly.