Council meeting, Tuesday

It was a full council meeting on Tuesday.  I and the rest of the Conservative Group tried to steer it into practical things for residents instead of the usual politicking; we were only partially successful.

As promised, I pressed on  practical parking problems, and as a result we may see some amelioratory measures, in the form of additional machines where there are queues, but could get no firm promises and I will have to keep on at this. I’d rather they abandoned the scheme completely.

This was a reminder, if it were needed, that the Croxley Green parking review is entering its last phase: the current survey is the last opportunity to mould the measures to be imposed.

Also, the Croxley Green Neighbourhood Plan was noted and it was agreed that it will go to a public vote.  As I had seconded the motion to take that step at the previous day’s Policy and Resources Meeting, and as Alison Wall had been so active in getting it through, I can afford to be pleased.  I’ll post the date of the vote when it is announced.